Hogar Esperanza y Futuro started in 2010 when Lilly Letona-Ferrer created a safe-haven for young women and children who were victims of abuse, providing them with hope and a future.

Casa de Vida is committed to offering a safe and rewarding working environment to the girls who are now 18 years or older.  

Lilly created a home where teenage girls can feel safe, loved,and supported, and raise their children in a healthy, happy environment.

The young women and children of Esperanza y Futuro Hogar are not just typical orphans, with no living parents.

These are the children of prostitutes. Of drug and alcohol addicts. Of abusers and criminals. Of sex offenders.

They each have unique stories and deep scars from traumatic experiences involving sexual, physical and emotional abuse or abandonment, often at the hand of someone who they should have been able to trust, like a father, brother, uncle, or family friend.

Many of the girls have Babies who are the product of rape. 

Some of them were malnourished and living on the streets before they came to the Hogar. They didn't have clean water, clean clothes, a safe place to sleep, or even a guaranteed meal every day, let alone someone to love and protect them. 

Esperanza y Futuro Hogar provides a warm, safe, loving home for young women and children who have nowhere to go. The Hogar gives these children the life-altering opportunity to learn essential life skills, get an education, become confident in social settings, and receive vital emotional support through therapy to overcome trauma they experienced as children. 

None of this would be possible without generous support from people like you.

The Hogar relies solely on donations from kind, generous people like you, to operate and provide the 30+ young women and children with essentials such as food, clean water, clothing, toiletries, education, and transportation. 

There are several ways you can help.

Here are some ways you can help improve the life of a child in need:

By donating as little as $5, you can make a difference in a child's life. 100% of donations go directly to providing necessities to the children at Esperanza y Futuro Hogar.

You can volunteer at Esperanza y Futuro by yourself or with a group. Tell us a little about yourself and/or your group and we'll set you up with an opportunity to meet the kids that have changed our lives. 

We would love to meet you! Come stay at Casa Esperanza y Futuro, whether you're traveling through Guatemala or you're coming specifically for our cause (plus the epic tourist attractions!), we would love to host you.