Our mission is to welcome guests from around the world while educating, employing and empowering teen moms who were victims of abuse.

Esperanza y Futuro Hogar started in 2010 when Lilly Letona-Ferrer had a dream to create a safe-haven for young women who were victims of abuse. 

Lilly, with the help of several generous organizations and families, built a home where girls can feel safe and loved, and raise their children in a healthy, happy environment. 

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Javier and Kimberly met while Kimberly was volunteering at Esperanza y Futuro Hogar, in January 2015. They fell in love and were engaged in February 2016, then married by Javier's father, Alfonso Letona in May 2016, accompanied by both of their families. They celebrated with a traditional wedding in Kimberly's home town of Orange County, California, and lived in California until returning to Guatemala in September 2017.

Luis Javier Letona-Ferrer was born in Chicago, Illinois, but moved to his parents', Lilly & Alfonso's, home country of Guatemala where he was raised. Read Javi's side of the love story. 

Kimberly Dawn Letona (originally Wiig) was born in San Luis Obispo, California, and was raised by her grandparents, Jan & Linda. At a young age, she discovered a love for world travel after visiting numerous countries with her sister and grandparents on annual summer vacations. Read Kim's side of the love story.

Kimberly is passionate about helping women create happy and healthy lives they love by developing meaningful relationships, breaking through emotional and financial blocks, and building impactful and profitable businesses. 

Together, Javier and Kimberly dream of helping provide vulnerable children and young adults with the opportunity to live, learn and work in safe, stable, loving environments that create healthy, happy families.

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